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Reality Recall
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Reality Recall Incorporated

Scenario based once in a lifetime training and experiences created just for you

At Reality Recall YOU are the main character and you will experience and learn in the same fashion that government and military operators do, through immersive live-action scenario based experiences and/or live fire training. This is a decades old method of learning used by services worldwide. This method pushes a person to ones limits and teaches lessons that simply can't be learned by reading books, sitting in a classroom or watching movies and documentaries. When life and death are the stakes, only top tier training and experience is sufficient. Contact us through the form below to set up a consultation and initiate the application process. 



Live action role play training and/or entertainment scenarios tailored to your unique set of requirements or interests. Contact us at or via the contact form at the bottom of the page for more information.

be like Bond

Secret Agent Series

An entertaining scenario based live action role playing adventure where you are the main character. You will receive training specific to your mission followed by a live action scenario. Scenarios available for as short as 24 hours to a full weekend or longer. Custom and multi-person packages available on request as well as team building scenarios. Available packages listed below.

Texas online LTC and shooting experience training

Tactical Shooting Training and Experiences

NEW FOR 2024

We offer customized one on one or small group practical rifle and pistol training that prepares you for real life encounters. Learn to shoot, move and communicate, shoot around barriers, clear buildings, shoot out of and around vehicles and much much more. Contact us via the form below with your desired course of instruction and to book your training.

adventure escape

Survivability Training

NEW FOR 2024 

Weeklong training in multiple functions that increase survivability in a number of scenarios including rifle and pistol shooting, digital device management, trauma medical care, restraint escape, evading/avoiding kidnapping or capture as well as other topics. All of this with a live action culmination event at the end to test all of your newly acquired skills. Contact us via the form below for available dates and to book.

Secret Agent Series Packages Available

Your Adventure Begins

24 Hour Package

Weekend Package

Our weekend package runs from Friday evening through Sunday. Perfect for the busy professional who is looking to receive an experience like no other but can't be away from the office for too long. Contact us through the form below for pricing and available dates.

 Teambuilding Packages

We provide experiences that bind people together and build trust amongst teams that will pay dividends well into the future. Any type of team from athletic to corporate can benefit greatly from our unique experience packages. Contact us through the form below for pricing and available dates.

Custom Packages

We set up custom packages just about anywhere in the world. Considering a vacation somewhere but don't want the same boring guided tours and sightseeing? Spice things up with a scenario put together by Reality Recall for a vacation you alone or you and your loved ones or friends will never forget! Contact us through the form below for pricing and available dates.

The Escape

Our 24 hour package runs from Saturday to Sunday. This package is short on time but delivers an abundance of experience. A great starting point for those looking to enjoy an experience that can not be replicated anywhere else. Contact us through the form below for pricing and available dates.



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